rewindforward has been banned

rewindforward has been acting like a jerk, including but not limited to telling mods where to stuff their warnings.
In which he (I am assuming this person is male) insults the whole community of the SDMB in general and mods in particular.

Bitching about moderator actions, posted in the wrong forum. Please note, the reason that his threads were getting closed was because they were pure nonsense.

In which he decides to deliberately post in an annoying style.

In which he regales us with his drunken escapades.

There have been a whole bunch of other threads that were pure nonsense. It’s dangerous to post while drunk and/or stupid, and we won’t tolerate it for long.

For the Straight Dope

I think that should read drunk and stupid. There are a whole bunch of us who qualify for one of those at any given time! :smiley:

I guess you could say he’s been rewound.

Looks like you’re going to have to rewind and eject. He’s back (in the Pit).

Post reported. Please don’t reply to him.

Well, all I can say is that the words “up” and “yours” have certainly gotten their fair share of of use this fine evening.

Ermm… I think it was all of them.

Best line in the locked Pit thread. kisses fingertips

Is there any chance whatsoever that one can respond to a mod’s warning with insulting profanity and not get banned? I’ve only seen the behavior twice, and each time it kind of gave me a thrill, like the time I saw a drunk guy ride a unicycle off the high board. Some behavior just screams, “I’m too stupid to live.”

Not exactly profanity, but Muad’Dib’s famous beef, bean, and cheese burrito thread comes to mind.

You know, if people are going to go about getting themselves banned, they could at least choose an appropriate username… I’d rather see:

DrivingSlowInTheFastLane has been banned.”


WorldwideTerrorism has been banned.”

or something.

Holy crap! Lynns back, and she brought her ban stick. The banning was predictable but was the guy around long enough to merit a thread here? Anyone want to start a pool on how long till his sock gets banned? Or how many socks he will try before he goes away for good?

It’s not the insulting profanity, so much as the not-heeding-the-warning. People who don’t heed the warning get banned, regardless of whether their response involved insult. To put it another way: most people who respond with insulting profanity are saying, in effect, that they are not going to heed the warning.

So, it’s not the profanity or insult ipso facto, it’s the context. They could say oh-so-politely that they’re going to ignore the warning and we’d likely have the same results.

Well, you can see his point. He really did want to know why you can’t find been beaf and cheese burritos. [sic]

true dat? iz 4 nuff? day-um, dis cat be ill, yo, pee sout

This & this post tell the saga of rewindforward as only a Doper can.

Or the flip side: A poster could respond to a warning with “Holy shit, I was out of line there. I’m so fucking sorry”.

And welcome back, Lynn! Lady High Executioner in the house!

Yeah, that’s the theory. But the posters who respond that way don’t usually get banned.

Are you on drugs? :smiley:

No. Should I be?

And Dex, my point was exactly that someone who responded that way probably wouldn’t be banned. In other words, profanity isn’t the problem, it’s the behaviour continuing that’s the problem, just like you said before. Although in many cases (including this one), the former is a symptom of the latter.