Rex Hamilton, huh?

The thread on the new Abraham Lincoln movie made me look up Rex Hamilton of Police Squad fame.

I appears all he ever did was impersonate Abe on Police Squad. Did he act otherwise? If not, then why the accolades “Starring Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln!” on Police Squad?

Police Squad! running gags.

It was satire. It was created by the writers and directors of Airplane! and the subsequent Naked Gun movies. There was no other reason for it than to be amusing. Just like the gun battle breaking out in the squadroom.

Um, yes, but forever I assumed Rex Hamilton was an actual actor who had presumably acted in previous works as Abraham Lincoln, and thus recognizable to the audience. Turns out he’s a nobody from nowhere with no name recognition. Fuck. It’s even funnier now!

The intro:

It was just like with Lorne Green being the special guest star once.

He only appeared in this intro, got killed, and did not appear in the episode. :slight_smile:

There is a lost clip of John Belushi appearing in a death scene, but Belushi died soon after it was shot and it was never aired. The producers wanted to include it in the DVD, but it was never found and it was presumed destroyed.

Yes, but Lorne Greene was an actual established actor. I think the OP’s point is that Rex Hamilton has no other resume.

Guys, I’m a huge Police Squad fan. I get the humour. I get the guest stars being killed off. What I didn’t get was the fact that Rex Hamilton was a nobody! Unless he was a somebody. But I don’t see evidence for that and that is seriously hilarious!

All this time…
ETA: What Skammer said.

Just to cover our bases, here’s the original inspiration

Back when people would shoot at you to signal that you’d left your headlights on, and you’d shoot back to say thanks.

Rex Hamilton was my social studies teacher in jr. high back in the early 80s in Escondido CA. He toured the elementary schools doing the Lincoln thing, I saw him in 4th or 5th grade. He told us that he was in the credits at the beginning of the show… and the whole class watched it religiously… He was a great teacher.

Welcome to the Dope, @Janitor70! This is about the best 8 years later follow up I’ve seen. Fascinating information, thanks for posting it.