Rex's Erection: Incomplete Tower in Ohio?

In an in depth on-line discussion (aren’t they all?) someone mentioned a ghastly apparatus he called “Rex’s Erection”. He went on to talk about some televangelist who wanted to build a space-needleish thing in ohio and got the base built but the zoning people came in and stopped construction before the top portion was. I tried searching on the internet for it but due to it’s questionable name the only sites I found were, well, you figure it out. My question is: Is this tower real? or does it fall in with the plethora or internet fables which are fake and make you wonder why anyone would bother making up such a thing?

The only thing a nonconformist hates more than a conformist is another nonconformist who does not conform to the prevailing standards of nonconformity.

Rex’ erection was planned as part of Rev. Rex. Humbard’s Cathedral of Tomorrow in Akron, OH. It was supposed to be a big TV building and tower, but the city government stopped it before the tower was built. The lower building was converted into a restaurant known as the Cathedral Buffet.

So I guess it was Tower Interruptus. :wink: