RHP vs LH Batter (and visa versa)

From what I read, when a RHP throws a curveball or a slider, that pitch will curve away from a RH Batter and into a LH Batter. And I also read that a ball curving into a hitter is harder for that hitter to handle than a ball curving away. That would mean that a RHP is more effective against LH Batters than he is with a RH Batter. And the same logic for LHPs. That is, LHPs curveballs/sliders curve into a RH Batter and away from a LH Batter. Therefore an advantage for the LHP over RH Batter.

But I have also read that RHPs have advantages over RH Batters and LHPs with LH Batters.

What’s the story?

I believe part of the advantage might be that a hitter can view the ball thrown by a pitcher on his same side a bit earlier than one thrown from the opposite side.

I’m trying to figure out this "same side"take.

Here’s mine.I was a right handed batter.The first time I ever saw a lefty in organized ball where piitchers really had heat and stuff (not Little league type) I creamed him-and he was supposedly one of the good pitchers in our league.I think I was seeing that ball sooner with a bit more stereoscopic view.At least that’s what it felt like to me.See it sooner,more time to react.

Curves were easier for me to handle off a lefty also.But then there’s the scroogie,forkball/cutter/knuckleball in the bigs which I’d think would negate any lefty/righty advantage in the "junk ball"category.

If you look at the big leagues everyone seems to show the same tendency-even the best of the hitters.

Batters have the advantage against opposite-handed pitchers.

Pitchers have the advantage against same-handed batters.

There are plenty of exceptions, especially if the pitcher has a pitch with a screwball break, but that’s the rule of thumb.

A curve coming back toward you is easier to hit than one tailing away.