RIAA Logging IP addresses?

Hello all, I was just on morpheus downloading Metallica’s St. Anger (sucks by the way). About a minute into the song an official sounding message came on saying that I was attempting to download copyrighted material and that my IP address had been logged and that I would be subject to criminal and civil penalties if I continue to download copyrighted material etc…

I hope this is a joke! Has anyone else ran into this?:confused:

were there any popup windows around when this happened? if so, the audio could have just been from one of those, trying to get you to buy some ip-blocking-world-saving software :rolleyes:

I’ve never seen or heard of this, but I can say with certainy that the RIAA is only currently prosecuting uploaders of songs, not downloaders, so as long as you’re not sharing anything, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, at least for the moment. Of course that doesn’t mean RIAA won’t be prosecuting downloaders in the future, and it’s not unlikely that Morpheus is somehow preparing for this event by logging IPs now.

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