Rich Ralphie?

How did Ralph Nader get to be so rich? I don’t know for sure that he is, but a lot of dopers and others say that he is. So how rich is he, and where did he get all that money.

He wrote a bunch of books, some of which were very big sellers. That’s were he gets some, probably most, of his money. I have no idea what he is worth though.


apparently Ralph Nader (a very smart lawyer) owns very little…his assets are held in a trust for him. The house he lives in is owned by a trust, headed by his sister.
This way, nobody could ever get anything from him, should they sue him.
Finacial details of his empire are hard to come by, since his organization is a “non-profit”.

I couldn’t find much factual info either. It does seem, though, that he doesn’t live a typical rich persons lifestyle.

I wish I had the cite for this, but it has been reported that Ralph only owns two pairs of socks.

Thanks, bibliophage, that answers my question perfectly.
I occasionally hear someone say (or hint) that Nader ripped-off clients in civil suits against corporations. Maybe so, but it seems he earned the bulk of his wealth.
I wonder why he bothers.