Richard Belzer of the top rope...

Isn’t Richard Belzer the one who had a late night show (or was it mid-morning?) about fifteen years ago, had some professional wrestler as a guest, doubted that wrestling was real, and got piledriven (piledrove?)? No, I’m not thinking of John Stoessel (but who was the one that got him?). Who was it, and what was the outcome, health-wise and legally?

Belzer is of the top rope–that’s johnsonese for “moderately funny comedian.”

Of course, that’s neither here nor there. The point of this post is that the title of the thread should in fact be “Belzer off the top rope…

[sub]Yet another GQ thread set to sink like a stone in cement shoes…[/sub]

Hulk Hogan is not just “some professional wrestler”! He is the Hulkster! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link with the story: (search for Belzer since it’s a big document)

Here’s the quicky summary: Richard Belzer had Mr. T and Hulk Hogan on his show “Hot Properties” to promote Wrestlemania I. Belzer said wrestling was fake. Hogan responded put Belzer in a front face lock and then dropped him on his head. Belzer sued Hogan for $5 Million and the case was settled out of court.