Richard Evans Schultes

I just read that Richard Evans Schultes died last week.

He was a key figure in anthropology, and a major factor in efforts to preserve the Amazonian rainforests. I used his works extensively in university - he was basically the first ethnobotanist. He did some terrific, ground-breaking work.

Thanks for posting/noticing this, pipeliner.

He’s been one of my main heroes in this world. He was a scientific adventurer, an explorer, and a gentleman to boot.

My favorite quote in the obituary was:

“I do not believe in hostile Indians,” Dr. Schultes was quoted as saying in a 1992 article about him in The New Yorker by E. J. Kahn Jr. “All that is required to bring out their gentlemanliness is reciprocal gentlemanliness.”

That decency was kind to us all. The knowledge of plants he cultivated from folks who knew about them has resulted in pharmaceutical advances that continue to benefit us.

A biography; One River: Explorations And Discoveries In The Amazon Rainforest by Schultes student and fine ethnobotonist in his own right Wade Davis came out recently. It’s a wonderful tribute to a brilliant man.