Richard III is being reburied today

I hope they put him under a nicer parking lot this time.

If you’re going to Windsor Castle after the service, you should drop off a casserole.

I wanted him to have a nice Catholic funeral in York, but no one asked me.

Was the Duke of Gloucester there? I hope so.

I just checked the Daily Mail. And they had a picture of Prince Richard, so he was there. Good.

Are they finally giving him a horse?

If I was reburied I think it would make me turn over in my grave.

Uh, I thought he deserved a better funeral than what took place originally, but IMHO he did not deserve the kind of funeral shown there.

There are always doubts about what Richard did with the princes in the Tower of London, but then I found out that Richard kidnapped the son of Lord Stanley to guarantee that the lord would support him in the final battle; so I think Richard is not blameless for the death of the princes. Richard also ordered the execution of the son of Lord Stanley while the battle was going on because he noticed the unwillingness of the Stanley’s to help when the time came. *

Yeah, I know that underhanded things like that were common in those days, but I think that what took place should not be ignored and act like if Richard deserved respect like that in his new funeral.

  • The order was not carried out due to confusion or Richard’s men looking to the future and taking sides then.
War Walks - Bosworth

Check out this chausible they’re bringing out for the service. It belongs to Ushaw college atm but it dates from Richard’s era and is described on inventories of his belongings:


I would think that under Windsor castle’s garage would be a suitable place. That is, if someone’s added a garage in the last century. Otherwise, under the stables would be good.

During a Mass, there’s a point where the priest lifts the chalice of wine, then takes a sip. All I can imagine the Cardinal thinking during that time is “Jesus don’t let me spill”.

“Bloody thou art, bloody will be thy end;
Shame serves thy life and doth thy death attend.”

Eh, I’m one who both thinks he almost certainly did murder the princes AND that sumptuous funerals are a waste of money. But let’s not single him out as a uniquely nasty villain - most kings were assholes. I’m pretty sure Henry VII would have murdered the princes as well, I just happen to think Richard got there first ;). Richard III, like John, went down in history as great villains substantially because they lost. But otherwise both were quite competent and only a little above average in the mendacious monarchs category.

Indeed: I never really understood the Richardian ‘controversy’. Murdering inconvenient rivals for the throne was completely common behaviour for monarchs at the time; certainly the Tudors did it, often. :smiley:

I do think John has a good claim to be a villain though - not so much because he did bad stuff, but because of his bad 'tude. Other monarchs killed when they must, but John really seemed to take pleasure in doing it. :wink: Starving to death in a dungeon da Braose’s wife and kid - very nasty.

Hey, if de Braose didn’t want his wife and children to starve to death he should have paid his extortionate fees and not ( probably ) murdered young Arthur on John’s orders. Err…that is…well, okay, John was perhaps very slightly bearish ;).

But hey, Richard III’s lionized brother Edward IV may have had their other ( okay, very, very slightly treasonous with his constant rebellions ) brother George drowned in a big ole vat of wine. Fun guys, those monarchs.

Lancastrian swine! :stuck_out_tongue:

In Toronto, I often drive by a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ called House of Lancaster. Complete with a coat-of-arms featuring the Red Rose!

I always wondered if they had a rival strip club somewhere, the House of York. :smiley:

He should have been buried when they recovered the SDMB server, and ended the Winter of our Missed Content.


Everytime I see this thread title, I hear it being sung to EASTER HYMN. Must be the time of the year.

You know, if they hadn’t dug him up in the first place, they wouldn’t have had to bury him again. Just saying, it seems like a lot of running around in circles.