Richest President?

In terms of personal wealth (and in real dollars, of course), who would be the richest U.S. president in history? If John Kerry were elected in 2004, would he be the richest president ever? And I’m not asking here about the wealth of First Ladies, but heck - as long as I’m asking, how about if we count them, too? Who’s been the richest First Couple so far, and if the Kerrys are elected, do they become the richest?

Kerry’s wife’s fortune is hers, and is kept separate from their joint assets.

John F. Kennedy remains the wealthiest of the 20th century presidents.

There’s some information about the estates of the presidents. It only includes the dead presidents, of course. These figures may be misleading even if correct because the rich often have their wealth locked up in trusts that may not be included in the value of the estate. I corrected a few of the likelier candidates for inflation using this inflation calculator (using date of death, not dates of presidency) and came up with

Kennedy $57 million
Hoover $45 million
F.D. Roosevelt $14 million

Hoover lived for more than 30 years after leaving the White House. I suspect most of his money was made after he was president. (Unless he shorted the market in '29)

Hey, you forgot LBJ. With that calculator, he would have come in just under Hoover.

There was a book once listing the 100 wealthiest Americans in history. The authors based their list on what percentage of the nation’s wealth the person owned. As I recall, the only President that made the list was Washington.

Bill Clinton must have a pretty penny, with book deals and all.

I dunno, my guess would be that maybe he’s starting to get rich now, but he didn’t have a rich family, he worked in public service most of his life (NOT lucrative) and he had a buttload of legal bills when he left office.

Kerry would be #3, according to Forbes. It gives you Washington on the top and Kennedy second.

Yes, George was the richest and still he couldn’t afford a good set of teeth. :wink: