Rick Sancornum vs Mitt Hominey

Who has the public’s ear?

The conjunction of the words “corn” and the 2nd definition for “santorum” make me want to puke. You know corn doesn’t digest well.

Ah, the oft-mentioned “kernel of truth”.

I think a lot of Republicorns will lap Sancornum up like syrup.

Hominey is just so bland.

But he has a lot of grit, you must admitt.

Rick Sancornum wants to ban cornography.

I predict Hominey will draw support from Gingrits.

Open up! It’s the cobs!

What a cornucopia of puns…

They both seem to appeal to the aw-shucks crowd.*

And well-played, sir.

I’m surprised Mike Shuckabee isn’t running this year. Maybe he’s hoping for the VP slot?

Yeah, he’s not big on smut.

What about Jeb Bushel?

I really think Hominey has the best chance, this ear, of finding his way through the maize of Republicorn politics to reap the picktory. The cornvention will just be the usual cornonation. Unless Sancornum still has a few surprises to pop. It’s a smutty process, but it’s still a good middle row between the extremes of cob rule and absolute cornarchy.


That was… incredible.

Let’s go to the cornfield and throw stuff in there!

Okay, I laughed.

Throw the quarry into the cornfield!

It is still 4/1 in my time zone…

Or can make a silk purse out of it?

Sorry, the quarry went down the cornhole . . .

And it’s a good thing it did.