Rickjay and his daughter watch the classic comedies


Roxanne might be Steve Martin’s best comedy. I have no idea how well some of his earlier films, like The Jerk and All of Me, hold up.

Gremlins 2 is more of a comedy, and more fun IMHO, than the original.

I was noticing there was no Mel Brooks on the “So far” list, and only two on “Coming up.” This seemed wrong.

You got the best of the ZAZ gag-driven comedies, but I also recommend their more traditional, plot-and-character comedy Ruthless People. And Jerry Zucker’s Rat Race.

Love that movie! And there are several YouTube videos that explain the ending. You will need them.

Love this movie.

“From what I hear, you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a fuckin’ boat.”

The In-Laws
“Serpentine! Serpentine!”

My late husband and I added several lines from this hilarious movie to our special couple’s coded language.

Revenge of the Nerds (some nudity etc.)
Bad News Bears
American Graffiti
Return of the Pink Panther

Remember when people attached the telephone handset to the modem for dialup? This goes back to those days…

Groundhog Day
The Hudsucker Proxy

Haven’t seen anyone suggest The Princess Bride yet, so I’ll toss that in.

Seconding the Marx Brothers (duh!), particularly Duck Soup (also duh!) and Monkey Business.

Despite having already been a dyed-in-the-wool Marx Brothers fan by the early 1970s, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is still the funniest movie I’ve ever seen. So seconding that.

Also seconding Groundhog Day.

Since you bring up the Coen Brothers, O Brother Where Art Thou and Raising Arizona are both great comedies.

Yes, Peter Sellers movies.

The Party is still well worth watching. It’s one of Sellers’ best.

No Animal House? One of the most popular and groundbreaking comedies ever that spawned a slew of imitators.

Funny, something we were talking about over lunch reminded me of it, and I thought, “nobody’s mentioned that one yet.”

So naturally, you beat me to it!

ETA: Clerks (been awhile since I’ve watched it, how well has it held up?)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

For some older comedies:

  • Some Like It Hot
  • Kind Hearts and Coronets
  • Modern Times
  • A Night at the Opera
  • Bringing Up Baby
  • The Apartment (not exactly a comedy but it starts out that way)


Seconded. O Brother and its soundtrack were on constant rotation in my childhood (well, teenhood) home.

I’ll also add Canadian Bacon.

(Chevy Chase is still alive and well.)


Not many really old here from my POV.

  • The Philadelphia Story
  • It Happened One Night
  • His Girl Friday
  • You Can’t Take It with You

I am a very busy, very important man, and am just trying to beat the last minute rush.

Johnny dangerously doesn’t hold up at all

I know OP said no Will Farrell but I really like Old School (2003) and he’s more supporting than starring. The marriage counselor scene, lol.

Speaking of schools films from 2003, School of Rock is good. Jack Black kills and I still get goosebumps watching the finale.

Sorry to inform you that Meet the Parents turns 21 this year.

Recommendable - if not precisely “classic” - foreign comedies:

Up to his Ears (1965) – Wacky and (at times) cartoon-like adventure comedy

The Brain (1969) – Heist comedy

Le Magnifique (1973) – Spy spoof

Peking Opera Blues (1986) – Period female-bonding action-comedy with spectacular climax

Project A, 2 (1987) – Jackie Chan is cinema’s greatest practitioner of physical comedy (NOTE: it is not necessary to have seen the inferior first film to appreciate this one)

‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’?

Pretty fun early 80s time capsule.

Ninotchka, starring Greta Garbo

The Monster, starring Roberto Benigni

One, Two, Three, starring James Cagney

Father Goose, starring Carey Grant

Children of the Revolution

A Shot in the Dark

Where Does It Hurt?