RickJay's warning in the 2012 Death Pool

So what? Insulting groups is allowed here. Insulting non-poster individuals is allowed here. Rickjay is clearly allowing his personal bias to affect his moderating decisions, and that is improper.

I’m torn. The constant anti-religious fapping on the SDMB gets a little tedious, and it would be nice to have at least one forum free of it, or where it is at a minimum. On the other hand, as Batfish says, the idea of moderating a Death Pool for offensiveness seems like a striving after wind.

Yes, it was clear that the post in question was a list of people the poster hoped would die, rather than a list of those he thought would die, and that is somewhat at odds with the spirit of the game. On the other hand, it is the same (as Oak says) as putting Phelps on your list. Phelps doesn’t appear to be sick or failing, so it is probably more of a death wish for him than for Pope Benedict, who is rather elderly.

I am running out of hands. But I can’t agree with the decision.


In retrospect, not only did I quote the wrong thing, but my approach was overly ham-handed. Let me explain my reasoning here.

Shodan has captured the essence of the issue; we don’t need or want religious sniping outside GD and the Pit. It is simply not the same to take a shot at the RCC as it is against Westboro Baptist; you can argue that one religion is intrinsically just as silly as another and all that and I won’t disagree - as an atheist I have no vested interest in protecting a religion from attack and I’m frankly not especially married to the idea that faith deserved protection. However, the fact remains that the RCC is a big, mainstream religion with many adherents on the SDMB.

Oakminster, I would further point out that it simply is NOT universally true that “insulting groups is allowed here.” Insulting a group can and will be cautioned against, or ultimately warned, for any number of reasons, not the least of which would be hijacking a thread. The Game Room is not for religious debate and it’s not for starting fights.

Having said all that, it was an overreaction, and a badly written one at that. Although the post had been reported and complained about, I should have left it to see if it just slid through without sparking anything. Not every poke at the rules needs a moderator comment, and that one could have been left alone.

No, it isn’t. Some people play strictly to win and cull the web for sickies and oldsters. Some people make lists of people they actually want to kick off. Some people go for odd themes, like “people whose last name ends in -son”. None of these is outside the spirit of the game, IMO.

Meh, seemed like sniping at people he personally dislikes to me, complete with descriptors such as “telethief,” “corrupt,” and “hate group.” If it were an any other thread in the Game Room, I’d say a warning was called for, but considering it’s a farking death pool thread, I can go either way. There will be snark, morbidity, good riddance posts and wishful thinking in a thread like that.

This year I did a 12 Days of Christmas theme and for a leaping lord and dancing lady used Christopher & Charlotte d’Amboise, a brother and sister who are well known for their singing and dancing in stage musicals. This was someone’s response:

Seriously, people, it’s just a game. And if Chris or Charlotte reach their end before 2012, I will subsitute either Hunter or Sutton Foster.

Just wanted to make sure this didn’t get lost. Wise words, indeed. Thanks** RickJay**.

How right you are. The posts about Zsa Zsa in the 2011 thread are a good example of this.

Yeah, maybe we could create a forum limited to questions of fact, with no personal opinion allowed. Maybe we could call it Comprehensive Inquiries.

It wouldn’t do much good - you would still have people who can’t distinguish between fact and opinion.



I have no stake in this issue whatsoever, I just wanted to note that this post truly exemplifies quality moderation, IMO. You clearly explained the logic behind your original intentions, clarified some misunderstandings that arose during the course of the discussion, and demonstrated both an understanding of people’s concerns and a willingness to be open-minded in how you approach grey area situations like this. Very nicely done.

Agreed. A good moderator is one who realizes his mistakes. Good show, RickJay; hoping some of that rubs off on the others…

RickJay for Admin in 2012!


If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.

What’s wrong…afraid you’ll hit the wrong button and ban everyone?
I mean…what are the odds of that happening.


Annie-Xmas - I really didn’t mean to criticize your Death Pool choices with my post. It was meant to be lighthearted, and I even complimented one of your other choices. I have played in the Death Pool for many years, and enjoy the ghoulishness of it. But somehow when I saw Christopher and Charlotte listed, my heart sank and I really felt bad for a moment, and sort of understood what others who are disturbed by the Death Pool may feel. I’m sorry if my tone didn’t come across in my post. I wish you nothing but good luck in the Pool.

I apologize SpoilerVirgin–I thought your jest was serious. You praised the Jon Corzine, who wasn’t on my list (if I had included a NJ governor it would be Christie). But to state one choice is bad and another good is ludicrous. We are not wishing or wanting these people to die.

We’re just saying they might and if they do, more points for us!

Thats exactly right Death Mistress. Sick of reading all this crap about what is offensive and what is not.

Personally, I chose Harry Connick Junior because I hated his high and mighty attitude when he came to Australia and started crapping on about political correctness and golliwogs and have since then wished him to die.

So what! My perogative. Must be a thousand to one though… more fool me eh…

Shut up and play the freakin’ morbid game.