Ricky Williams Wants Back In - "Welcome Back" or "Eff Off"?

So Ricky Williams reportedly wants to rejoin the Dolphins. Now exactly how in the hell am I supposed to feel about this? I mean, I’m a Dolphins fan-by-proxy (A: They’re kittenlm’s #1 team, and B: I fricking hate the Jets), so I’ve really been bummed by their performance this season. However, by the time he would be able to suit up again, this season would be long gone. That’s not a big deal, really. They’re pretty much dead this year anyway, so what the hell…go 0-16 and get the #1 draft pick next year.

So let’s say he’d be cleared to start next season. Should the 'Fins even take him back? He really, really screwed Miami over this year, not just with leaving, but with the timing of his retirement.

So what do you think? You don’t even have to look at it as Dolphins/Ricky…feel free to substitute them with your favorite team and their star player.

He thinks this will get him out of having to repay almost $9 million. I’d tell him to get bent, and that we expect the check in 30 days.

“Mr. Wannstedt, you have a call from Ricky Williams.”

“Ricky who?”

“Ricky Williams.”

“Never heard of him. Take a message.”

Personally, I’d tell him to fuck off.

Other than that, J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!! It is the Chad! Gang Green all the way, baby…Superbowl bound this year, I tells ya!

He has to keep away from the NFL now! Seriously!

This is the first time my Saints have ever looked smart!

Like most Austinites, I LIKE Ricky Williams. It’s hard NOT to feel some affection for him. But if I owned an NFL team, there’s no way I’d want him. Not at the kind of price he’d demand, at any rate. If he came to me pleading for a second chance, and said he’d play a year or two at league minimum, I might chance it. But the bottom line is, he’s proven himself unreliable.

I bear the man no malice, really. I think in many ways, he’s still a little boy who never grew up. I also think he’s a guy who never really liked football all that much, but who pursued it because he was so good at it and because everyone told him all his life that it was his future.

Like Todd Marinovich, I think he burned out on the game early, and decided he’d rather be a beach bum or something. And I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no reason he should make himself miserable. If he doesn’t want to be a football player, if he’d rather be smoking a joint and contemplating his navel, fine! He’s entitled to pursue whatever lifestyle makes him happy. But he’s not entitled to do so with the Dolphins’ money. The Dolphins deserve their bonus money back. And they shouldn’t give him another chance to play football.

I’d sign him to a one year contract loaded with incentives with a really low base salary. The guy can run.

My favorite quote from the article

What he said. Also: he was a very good running back, but A) I don’t think his heart is in it in the first place and B) first that business with the failed drug tests will have to be resolved.

I would be surprised if he ever signed a deal for more than 3 years if he does manage to come back.

Hehe, or this:

“Mr. Huizenga, Dave Wannstedt on line 2.”


“Your head coach”

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot who to fire today.”

According to ESPN, the negotiation is between “Ricky, his manager, and the league office.” They apparently quoted the Dolphins’ owner.

I agree with their assessment- Williams will not play for the Dolphins because of the locker-room disruption he caused. No one will be willing to trade a first-round pick for him, but a second rounder would be peanuts if he brings his game back.

I’m sure there is a team out there that would bring him in for camp, at least. He might be a good replacement if Jamal Lewis gets suspended from the league.

Maybe they can make up a new team, with no home- thay play all road games. Call them the Malcontents, Williams would be the star back, Ryan Leaf could QB, and all the players on the bubble could keep their careers alive.