RIDDLE: Where should the center of the image go after zooming ?


I have a quick riddle for you. We have two screenshots made before optical zooming by JVC Everio camcorder (40x optical zoom) In both situations the camcorder is placed on a tripod. But there’s one difference:
on First Image: the camcorder is not leveled.
on the Second Image: the camcorder is leveled with a libella.


Don’t be shy :smiley: I made a public poll to send everyone who participated the solution in the end.

To me it looks like in both cases, after a 20x zoom, you should be seeing primarily water.


She thinks that the Earth is concave, and that atmospheric refraction is just a manifestation of that. She’s all hopped up on the opportunity to “gotcha ya!” anyone who dares to think the Earth is round. Personally, I can’t wait until she shares her tales of water divining next.

I’d expect the center should stay in the center, so I agree with pulykamell.

The center of the image doesn’t “go” anywhere. Right?

Well, we don’t really know if it’s a he or she. “Karol” with a “k” is a common Polish or Slovak name (“Carl”) and the other thread’s OP mentions something about a Polish guy.

Anyhow, I really can’t figure out that thread or what this thread is supposed to be asking exactly. And, yes, there are atmospheric distortions that may need to be taken into account, but the “center” should still remain the “center”. In this picture, the horizon line is above the center, so zoomed in, I should expect it to be above the center unless there is some kind of atmospheric effect (like you get with heat distortions/mirages.)

I’m Charles :]

Google Maps has an interesting feature: when you zoom in, using a mouse scroll-wheel, the image expands around the mouse pointer.

e.g., if you have the entire U.S. on screen, and your mouse is over Dallas, TX, and you zoom in, you get large portions of Texas and Oklahoma. If your mouse has been over North Dakota, you’d have gotten a zoom in over ND, SD, NE, etc.

So, using some software, it would depend where your mouse pointer is at the moment you zoom.

Same, obviously, if you select a portion of the image and zoom.

Otherwise, the center stays the center, and the image gets cropped on all four sides. Totally depends on your software.

Why did you choose to answer that question and ignore the questions about what you are trying to accomplish here?

The only “riddle” is in figuring out what the OP is asking.

I’m seeing it as more of a knock-knock joke.

That’s the way this works.

I think the question is clear. What’s your problem ?

We don’t know for sure what the optical zoom on this camera does when it is used - it’s not an entirely safe assumption that the centre of the image will remain centred, or if there is some accidental or intentional shift due to the configuration of the optics etc.

Either way, the Earth is not fucking hollow.

It does same thing as on each and every device. Please stop coming up with strange ideas.

Prove it.

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I don’t know what the OP is trying to demonstrate, but neither of those photos is level.