Ride with Norman Reedus

As a long time motorcyclist, I have got to say, what a wonderful and unique show. It really captures the essence of being a “moto-head”. Gather some interesting folks, bikes, take a ride and make a show. I especially enjoy the witty reporte, the spotlight on the latest innovations in proper safety gear and the originality of the routes chosen, not to mention the showcasing of advanced riding techniques and examples of personal hygiene protocol.

The intellectual dialog (pick your spot, Death Valley or Smokey Mountains):

Wow. Awsome.
Yeah, dude, wow. Awsome.

I now realize the money I’ve wasted on leather “over the ankle” boots, unfashionable leather jackets that seal up and constrict me like a goddamn boa snake, Arai full-face helmets with shields when all along I should have been sporting '60’s era Grant metal flake helmets with no eye protection (you have two eyes, you can afford to lose one), Converse Hi-Tops and no gloves. They just get in the way of vaping.

That’s it. I’m done. My sarcasm well has run dry. This show is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever sat through.

The irony? My kid likes to watch this crap because Mom got him into the “Wanking Dead” crap, so he wants to watch this greasy asshole ride around with his hipster tattooed douche buddies

I’ve bought this kid three motorcycles, and he never fucking rode any of them. Sold them all, un-ridden.

Oh well. I made money on all of them.

There are a pair of documentaries you might find interesting; they both star Ewan McGregor and his buddy Charley Boorman (son of director John): Long Way Around–they ride their bikes from London to New York by way of Asia; and Long Way Down–London to (I think) Johannesburg. I’m not a biker but I really enjoyed them both.

Read the books, saw the shows. Far better efforts. The Road of Bones was some serious shit.

Gato, your opinion, if you please (slightly off topic):

Did you notice in the “Long Way…” docos that absolutely everyone was nice/hospitable to the Brit biker guys? Do you think that was because a)people are actually a lot nicer than portrayed on the news/in the movies/on TV; b)the entire world knows “HOLLYWOOD” and plays it up; c)they weren’t American :o; d)combination of some or all or something else?

Thoughts? Anyone else?


Probably nice because McGregor and Co. also had bag loads of money with them as they road and filmed their way around the world.

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Money talks? Bah, money RIDES! :slight_smile:

There’s also a mini-series starring Billy Connolly where he bikes Route 66. Wasn’t too bad, either, IIRC.

Ewan and Charlie had a little trouble in Libya (well, I guess their American buddy did), but, yeah. They probably spread around a lot of cash wherever they went, and the assholes didn’t make it on camera.

One thing in the book, that didn’t make it to the show, was Charlie* bitching about getting a free bike!* He wanted the KTM, but the deal didn’t pan out. Came off as looking like a dick, kinda.

Ahh, poor rich people!

(He was right, though. The KTM would have been better suited to LONG WAY ROUND, but I don’t think it would have held up as well as the BMW. Stones said it best,* “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need”.)*

I don’t know. I don’t think anything would have help up as badly as they overloaded those bikes. Word on the message boards was that they went through something like six of those BMWs, but I don’t know if there’s any hard proof of that.

They should have used something indestructible and basic, like the DR350s that the Mondo Enduro guys used. That was a real expedition.

It’s not that bad of a show, at least they are wearing SOME gear. I kind of like how they at least take groups of women riders along too, and show some of the bike builders.

I read and watched Long Way Down and Long Way Round, they wee both pretty good, though they had a large group of people with them.

I would love to see some sort of motorcycle show, but I’m not sure what would appeal to a large enough group of people to make it worth filming.

I think it was the ride in Texas that pushed him over the edge.

That’s what I ride! Best bike I’ve ever owned. (On my second one, now. A 97 with both electric and kick start. I don’t like getting stranded.) Goes anywhere, but it would have been savage on the long road sections.

To the best I can recall, I don’t think they mention going through six bikes, but I can see how they would “forget” to mention that. :wink:

Norman uses pretty good gear, but every other hipster douche-bag seems to be strictly “fashion over function”.

Doesn’t send a good message.

I’ve DVRed the Reedus show, and have watched the first two episodes. Yeah, it’s not nearly as good as I was hoping it would be, but I don’t have the hate for it the OP does. I’m just happy to see any motorcycling programming make it on the air.

I’ve watched the Long Way Round and Long Way Down series, and loved those.

New Orleans


Defend that shit. I dare you.