Ridiculous moment in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (contains spoilers, sort of)

“Morons. I have Morons on My Team”

Which doesn’t even make sense. He’s the one waiting in the house when she gets there, so if anyone’s late, it’s her.

When my debate team hears me mutter that, they know they’ve screwed up.

As for Etta, I figure that Sundance was due in a day or so earlier. He wouldn’t be riding in during broad daylight - too obvious.

On Netlix in the UK (at least) there’s a short, contemperaneous doc narrated by George Roy Hill about the making of Butch and Sundance- it says - ‘probably the first making of in hollywood history’. It’s short at about 50 mins, but is enjoyable and funny.
I too bumped on Katherine Ross’ shoeless feet on the bike scene in watching it this time.
Boy, they were so handsome.


I think the idea is that she’d been waiting for him for some number of days (or more). She was expecting him Monday, and he didn’t show up until Friday (because of outlaw shenanigans).

I think it may work even better. People still do role play.

Couldn’t they have split the posse in two?

It doesn’t matter if they searched one side of the river or both. Butch and Sundance had a 24 hour head start, probably more with the time it would take to find where they got out of the river. The posse could no longer see Butch and Sundance and wouldn’t know if they were on the right track. The posse couldn’t travel faster than Butch and Sundance, mainly slower to keep tracking them, and they would have fallen steadily behind. And if the guys hopped on a wagon or a boat or a train there was no way to track them after that. The posse turned around and went back to the train to wait for another robbery.

Not sure why they would have a 24-hour head start. It was morning IIRC correctly, and the posse had eyes on them when they jumped. If Butch and Sundance drifted for, say, 15 minutes, that’s plenty of time for the posse to get back to their horses and descend to the level of the river. However far Butch and Sundance drifted is all the head start they would have.

But the posse had horses and Butch and Sundance were on foot, unless …

Just want to post that this was a memorable moment in our exposing our kids to classic movies from quite young ages. They absolutely LOVED the movie - up until the final moment. They couldn’t believe that the protagonists died in the end! Not only did they cry, but they got pissed at US about it! :smiley:

How much time it took is unknown. Since they got away it was enough to dissuade the posse.

They were on horseback before and they were a lot easier to track that way, horses leave a lot of signs behind, even when traveling over rock if they’re shod. Tracking isn’t magic, the trackers can’t ride full speed and track someone they can’t see at the same time, they have to stop frequently to look for signs, and even when they find one they can’t be sure if they are going in the right direction until they find another sign. The posse started out following Butch and Sundance, they knew which direction they were going and they were never far out of sight. Then the guys jumped into the river and took off by foot. So even if they disappeared by vehicle to the trackers, they were still outpacing the trackers and would have lost them in time. Especially so because the trackers knew that would happen and wouldn’t bother trying to follow them.

If he’d just pay me what he’s paying them to stop me robbin’ him, I’d stop robbin’ him!

A very good movie, but not quite a great one. The first half is better than the second. Lots of great lines, though. Sometimes at the curling club, when someone throws a really hard takeout, I’ll say “think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?”