Riding the Bullet on USA tonight

I did not know this was on tonight, until my daughter, who is reading selected King books (I’m not letting her read It until she’s much older, but she has read Carrie and Skeleton Crew) told me it was on.

I’ll probably tape it and watch it later, but I’m a little worried, since King books don’t normally transfer well to the screen (The Stand, Misery, and Stand by Me being notable exceptions.)

I only read the story once, since it was King’s gimmick at bypassing publishing and downloading off the internet, but from what I remember, it’s not that much of a story…a hitchhiker catches a ride with Death, although it was a great read.

Well, we shall see how that turns out on TV. Anyone else watching it?

Oops, forgot the link.

And I just realized Desperate Housewives is a repeat tonight, so I can watch it at 8pm.

How could you forget Shawshank Redemption? It’s one of the rare occasions that the movie was superior to the book (novella).

I would like to watch Riding the Bullet tonight, but I have to work. Let us know how it is!

Oh, occasionally there is a time I wish I had cable. This would be one of them. Then again, I’m alone so it’s best I don’t watch, so I don’t have nightmares!

I agree with Shawshank, but it is possibly the only one that came out well. let us know!

:smack: Of course, Shawshank.

It’s on tape. Turns out Desperate Housewives was not a repeat. I’ll let you know!

The Shining? Carrie?

I’ll grant you there have ben a lot of cheesy-to-flat-out-bad adaptations of King (Children of the Corn, The Dark Half, Graveyard Shift, Sometimes They Come Back, etc.), but in recent years screenwriters seem to have gotten a better handle on it. A movie like Dolores Claiborne, while far from classic, was still done intelligently and fairly compellingly.

Unfortunately, the Dreamcatchers are still being made, too. (That one in particular broke my heart, being a William Goldman fan.)