1. What would you say are the best ones for me to buy?

  2. Do they provide the entire audio track? (Them +movie dialogue) or just them?

My favorites:

Road House
Crossroads (with Britney Spears)

Of course, the best ones to buy are the ones where you have or have easy access to the original movie.

Some of the shorts and a couple movies are full them and the movie. Otherwise, use the synching software as it’s just their voices.

I’ve been watching their ‘shorts’ on Hulu. Oh my God, they make my sides hurt. So many of those shorts just riff themselves, they’re so insane.

The live holiday specials have been my favorite. Especially the first Christmas one.

Agree with “Birdemic”. It has to be seen to be believed. I got the DVD from Netflix.

I’ll add the Tommy Wiseau classic “The Room”.

  1. For me, all the shorts are great, the full films are a bit hit and miss. But that’s how I felt about MST3K, too.

  2. Only the new release “blockbuster” titles come as riffing audio only. There’s a lot of older movies that come complete with riffing already embedded. And as far as I know, all the shorts are also complete.

Road House is pure gold, for sure.

We enjoyed Paranormal Activity a lot.

We watch them by watching the movie as usual, with my tablet on the couch between us, playing the Rifftrax. Haven’t tried any of their all-in-one shows yet.