Right answer to wrong question

:smack: I work in a hotel lobby and am relied to give accurate information. It can be very busy and sometimes I mishear the question.

We are a little boutique hotel. We do not have a restaurant but have many world-class restaurants in our neighborhood. We do however have a bar and a restroom. I know this and now you do as well. Many of our hotel and bar guests apparently do not.

So a guest walks up and asks, “Where is the restaurant” but I hear “Where is the restroom” so I say, take a right around the corner and a left down the hall. He ends up in the toilet.

Certainly just a misunderstanding.

But then a guest walks up and asks, “Where is the restroom”, but I hear “Where is the restaurant?”

My reply is “ I am sorry sir we do not have one, but we are steps from some of the finest in the city.”

“What are you interested in this evening French, Italian, everything Asia is very hot right now”. :smack:

Oh yeah! I hear those Asian toilets are all the rage!

Oh but those Thai urinals are to die for!

I have no problem with Thai, but there’s no way in hell you’ll ever get me near a French one!

The French urinals I don’t mind, but I hate those weird low drinking fountains they have in there.

That’s why you should only use Freedom Fountains! :smiley:

So if they asked for the restroom and the restaurant, would you recommend the bidet mignon?