"Right Bastard"

I was reading the letters section in my last issue of PCGamer and this guy wrote in asking them to tone their cussing because his kid asked him what a “right bastard” was.

What IS a “right bastard?”

A bastard with a clockwise thread?

Actually, this seems to be a British/Aussie slang expression, the American equivalent of which would be a “real bastard”, or perhaps “real #&@#} bastard”, as in “The Boss wouldn’t let me steal office supplies. That guy’s a right bastard!”

** SavageNarce ** is correct, and has answered your question, but it’s interesting to note that “right” used for “very” or “truly” survived in the United States as well. How often have we heard cowboys (in movies) say, “She’s right darn pretty.”

Huh. I can’t help but be slightly disappointed. Oh well.

I appreciate it.

One might also hear “He’s a proper bastard” or “He’s a right proper bastard,” the point being he’s quite good at being one.