Right of an employer to conduct searches

I am an Ohio resident. A new law went into effect this month which caused my employer to update their “Weapon free workplace policy”. I’ll paraphrase most of the policy and quote the relevant section.

Weapon Free Workplace Policy

Company A prohibits all weapons on company property.

Company property includes the building and all areas surrounding it such as parking lots and driveways, etc.

Weapons are knives, guns, and explosives.

If you have any questions ask Human Resources.

IANAL but I would like to hear from one. This certainly looks like the company is saying ‘We can search your car, your bag, or your body whenever we want.’

Is this legal in Ohio? How about any other part of the US?

The company has a right to decide what items it will allow onto its property. It may ask you to voluntarily allow your bags and whatnot to be searched. You have a right to refuse to let them search your private belongings. They have a right to fire you and ban you from their property if you refuse.

I’m not an Ohio lawyer, but this sounds right, assuming that the employee is (like most) an employee at will. The answer might change if there’s a contract (union or otherwise) governing the employment relationship, but that would depend on the contract.