Right Turns Only

I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to drive from my house to another given point in my city by only turning right, and never turning left. Never tried it though. Anybody else ever considered this particular weirdness?

No, you’re a weirdo.

Actually, I have considered this problem, and I know you can do it on foot, but I don’t know about cars. There’s so many problems with one ways and no u-turns and such. It’s easy on foot, you can turn in a circle to the direction you want to point.

Yes. three rights make a left. Just circle the block. Like so:

|      |
|      V
^  _<__|

I think about this all the time. But then again, I live in New Jersey, state of no left turn lanes (or at least very few).

I wanted to watch this in action so I taped NASCAR and watched it backwards. No big deal. Instead of a bunch of hicks turning left, it was a bunch of hicks turning right.

I remember seeing something about this on the Learning Channel, I think. This lady was actually AFRAID to turn left. She meticulously planned her travel routes to avoid having to make a left turn. As such, it took her 3 hours to get to the supermarket, 10 minutes normal driving time away.

So it is possible, but insanely stupid. If you do try it, good luck. I’ll be drunk by the time you get to the bar.

We had a bunch of silly rules we just made up one day. They included only being able to turn left if your right blinker was on and that you could only turn right if you were wearing a wrist watch. Some days it took us a long time to get to the movie theater.