Rihanna vs. Beyonce?

In your opinion, who do you think is better when it comes to


For me I think Rihanna looks better, but Beyonce is much more talented and has a better voice…

Beyonce all across the board. She’s more classically beautiful facially (Rihanna has a big ol’ forehead) and bodywise (Beyonce is a classic exaggerated hourglass, while Rihanna is a fit but thick pear shape).

Beyonce puts on one hell of a show when it comes to dancing. Other performers don’t call her the hardest working girl in show business for no reason. Rihanna dances, but not with the intensity that Beyonce does.

Vocally, Beyonce can actually have a wonderful voice, whereas I think you’d be hardpressed to have Rihanna come anywhere in the ball park of her when it comes to singing. Beyonce acoustic. I can’t find a legitimate acoustic Rihanna video (just videos with a studio session with music removed), but here she is live (though part of me thinks that’s lip syncing. . . I don’t know. It basically sounds exactly like the album version of the vocal track).

I think both are beautiful but I love that Beyonce has curves so she gets my vote for looks.

Having not seen either live, I would also have to say Beyonce. She has such amazing energy and presence. Beyonce is also a decent actress. Cadillac Records was an awful movie but she was seriously good in it. See it.
As far as song choice though I’m going with Rihanna. I don’t think Beyonce has put out a song I liked since her days with Destiny’s Child, while Rihanna frequently puts out songs that make it onto my playlist.

For voice I’m going with Rihanna. I really like her voice. Her vibratto is great and her tone is smooth and interesting. Beyonce has this grinding thing she does with her voice a lot to try to make herself sound tough or something that makes me cringe. I’m not saying she has a bad voice, she’s a good singer but I much prefer to listen to Rihanna.

Beyonce wins in looks. Nice and curvy. Rihannia is cute though.

Beyonce wins in voice. Rihanna sounds rather monotone to me, and it always seems like her performances are overly processed.

although I don’t like the singing of either, I will admit that Beyonce is a madly/talented singer, dancer & entertainer. just not my style of music.
Rihanna is good at selling her looks.

Beyonce is better than Rihanna in each of the 3 areas listed in the OP.

For looks I think they’re equal - both gorgeous ladies with two very different styles.

Talent/performance - I think Beyoncé has the edge in voice. I haven’t seen either perform so I couldn’t say. As for overall talent, I’d probably say Beyoncé, but I wouldn’t count Rihanna out - she has a lot of creativity.

Voice - I watched Rihanna sing on David Letterman’s show, and her voice seemed weak. I don’t think she’s the best singer in the world, but I give her full props for what she’s managed to do with it.

Yea her live performances used to be horrible, but now she’s getting better.