RikWriter - Fairy Tales? Really?

As per this thread, in which FriarTed asks people to recommend their favorite spiritual books.

RikWriter replies:

Which is total threadshitting.

And presumes that “spirituality” equals “spoonfeeding easy answers” (which isn’t true, BTW).

But here’s what I want to know – are you really all that? Is your shit THAT together? You making your way all on your own in this world, weathering real challenges, hardship and loss, all on your own? I’m talking real living, too, not just you and your computer 24/7.

In other words, cite?

Threadshitting in Cafe Society is pretty much all RikWriter does. Which, unfortunetly, means he’s not going to see your pitting of him, because he’s one of those candy-asses who doesn’t “do” the Pit.

I wish people would just ignore his posts instead of responding to such (checks forum) obvious trolling.

Well crap. I never noticed him. Thanks for the heads-up.

Awfully cowardly behavior from someone who’s leveling that particular criticism against others.

If you want to have some fun, mention in a CS thread that you didn’t think Saving Private Ryan was very good. It’s like a dog whistle for him. He can’t help but come runnin’. Of course, once he shows up, don’t expect any sort of debate. He’ll just tell you you’re wrong and, if pressed, tell you that lots of WWII veterans think it’s a great movie, so obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a bit frustrating, but still marvelous in its total predictability.

That would be my bad. Sorry for feeding the troll.

bwahaha ::snort::

I’d like to offer that as a, um, “devout” atheist, I went into that thread thinking about posting about some Medieval Christian stuff I like (but then remembered that little of it’s in English so isn’t very accessible), saw that, and thought it was totally tacky and antagonistic and wrongly placed. Like we need the SDMB Atheist Wars, part XVI.

I didn’t even know the thread existed. It’s making me want to pull out my old 17th-century Brit-lit and medieval womens’ literature textbooks. Some of that stuff is enough to make you weep.

This is true no matter the topic. He’s one of those guys who’s Right About Everything.

Me neither.

And me too. Didn’t know it was Troll Chow I handed out. Sorry.

Probably one of the only things I’d ever actually agree with RikWriter on.

However, he was still being a total dick there (as usual).