ring around the moon

Does a halo or “ring around the moon” really mean it is going to rain soon?

There’s never any guarantee that it will or won’t rain. The halo, though, indicates that there’s a lot of moisture in the air – it’s composed of tiny ice crystals in the atmosphere.

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The same phenomenon can also cause a ring around the sun, which appears as a black ring. It is less often seen, and rather ominous if you ever see a dark vivid one.

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It means they didn’t use SHout ,“ring around the moon” :wink:

Capn is right. also the high altitude, whispy cloud formations are ice crystal clouds and if you see them there may be a chance for rain in the next day or so. No guantees of course. but there is some meterological basis to it from what I understand.

what I found says that the ice crystal clouds come before a warm front, sometimes causing long easy rains

look at number 8… bout mid page in the link

I always was told it meant Snow…

Thanks to all who have replied to my ring around the moon question…it just so happens that I saw the ring about two days before it rained here and during a wam front so the replies were mostly dead on.
mike r

Sometime in summer 1990, in Manhattan Beach, CA, around noon, I saw a circular rainbow around the sun!!
The next year, on June 10, 1991, coming back from Las Vegas on a Greyhound bus, I was about 2 hours east of Barstow when I saw a rainbow “ribbon” radiating out from the sun, purple at one end, red at the other, like a long colorful scarf around someone’s neck. I even photographed it.

We in the midwest (at least me) saw a ring around the moon last night. It was beautiful. I took pictures and video but I don’t know if the pics came out good or not.