Ringing in ears

i have ringing in my ears all the time. what’s this mean? i am 21. i do not listen to really loud music on a regular basis, only when i was younger.

Its called tinitis.

It means you should probably be checked by a Dr. I could be nothing, or something minor, or it could be serious.

Hie theeself to a GP, pronto.

From http://www.hearusa.com/tinnitus/tinnitus_home.html:

The effect can be the result of one incident (ie. explosion, gunshot, injury, etc) and may be permanent.

I’ve had it for several years and it can be a pain in the ass sometimes (esp. trying to concentrate in a quiet setting).

But, usually it isn’t a distraction and goes by unnoticed. Mine is not reversible, at least not yet.

Most cases are a result of long term exposure to loud noise. Many cases are temporary and a result of a blockage or infection which will usually go away in time.

I have three different and distinct sounds that “ring” sometimes all at once. One is a steady pitch, very high and continuous. Similar to the Emergency Broadcast Warning that you hear on the TV, just a bit higher though.

Another is like crickets…and the worst, sounds like sirens. Actually more like the siren on a police car from the UK perhaps.

Go get it checked and good luck. I wish you well.


Here’s a link to the homepage for The American Tinnitus Association.

Tinnitus is surprisingly common, and as alice_in_wonderland suggested in her earlier post, it can be caused by a wide variety of things.

If it is chronic and persistent, it might, emphasis on might be an indicator of something more significant, such as hearing loss. Given your relatively young age and your apparent lack of history of chronic exposure to loud noises, I suggest you consult an otologist.