RIP Dave Arneson

Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons has passed away.

Here is a message from Gary Gygax (in better times)


Hasn’t been a good year for the genre innovators, has it? Shame that Arneson doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves…

Sad to hear about that. Always thought Dave Arneson got a bit of the shaft in the 70s on this. He’s as much a part of the reason we even have the genre as Gary Gygax was.

Today’s Order of the Stick is a tribute to him:

I played with him once without even knowing who he was. Some guy talking about the glory days of Lake Geneva. Now, it will be awkward to hang around that gaming group for a couple weeks cause it appears he was a fairly regular gamer there. (Awkward because I don’t really know how close he was to them so don’t know how much condolences should be in order.)

I do give him mad props for starting the RPG industry, and I don’t even know how many props to give him because all the classic TSR material is in Gary Gygax’s name even if Arneson did write much of it!

Not all of it. The original three rule books are in the name of both, and the second supplement, Blackmoor, was authored by Arneson alone.

Blackmoor, IIRC, introduced the Assassin character. :evil grin:

I’ve spent 30 years roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons, so many thanks to both Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax.

What is it that makes FRP creators die in their sixties? Still vividly remember the thrill of opening the D&D basic box back in '89, the fact slowly dawning on me that this is something Big (ended up gaming all through elementary school).

The hardcore gamer lifestyle tends not to be terribly healthy. Lots of sitting around indoors during your leisure time. Lots of opportunities to snack on junk food. I’ve been gaming since the 70’s and I’ve met a lot of unhealthy people.

Dave Arneson, co-designer of D & D, lost his battle with cancer. Story here

you’re soooo late with this info (and joke)

That was my first thought as well. I’ve been gaming for over 30 years, and have never seen a veggie tray on the table, not once.

I have. The group I used to regularly game with would have a mix of food and drink. From sushi to veggies to chips to beer to soda to candy.

Rest in peace, Dave. Thanks for all you did to give us such a fun hobby. I hoist my glass of Dorwinion merlot to your memory.

Another article; it briefly mentions the later litigation:

I’ll definitely call it unusual, but at our last game one player did bring edamame pods. I’d never had them before but I quite like them now.