RIP Dorcas Reilly (a true American, nay! A WORLD WIDE hero)

Today it was announced that Dorcas Reilly, a true hero, passed away at 92 from Alzheimer’s disease.

Many may not know her name, but they should. For what Dorcas gave to humanity is so great, so wonderful that surely it will endure for generations, for centuries. I know my own life is much enriched because of her efforts and creations; my family’s lives too.

For truly, who among us can say with sincerity they do not like green bean casserole?


Rip Mrs. Reilly; you done good. Real good. Thank you.

Green bean casserole, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :o Right up there with tuna hot dish and hamburger casserole as one of my favorite Depression* foods.

*The economic upheaval, not the emotional state.

Except, of course, that the green bean casserole in question was invented in 1955, hardly depression era food. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure people back in the 1930s were concocting dishes like GBC with cans of condensed soup just to survive. I know I would have.

For real Depression cooking, check out this series:

[persnickety hat] Dorcas Reilly did not invent the green bean casserole, she invented A green bean casserole. Certainly it’s the most famous green bean casserole in the world, but still… [/persnickety hat]

Dang. That recipe’s older than I am.

What does a persnickety hat look like? I’m picturing straw with flowers.

White linen, not straw.

Or, if you really piss off a persnickety, they change their hat to a police riot-gear model.

Hey, that’s the year I was born! :mad:

While it is certainly true that it is “a” green bean casserole, given the ubiquitous nature of that casserole at Thanksgiving tables, one can justifiably say it is “THE” green bean casserole. All other such casseroles are just another “a” green bean casserole. :smiley:

The sad thing is they’ll probably have tater tot casserole at her funeral lunch.

Dang, I’m older than that recipe!:frowning:

To borrow a phrase from the OP, green bean casserole totally fucking rocks! I guess I will be wearing a black armband this Thanksgiving. :frowning:

I like that idea. I may surround the green bean casserole with black crepe paper. If I don’t get out-voted.

I love me some green bean casserole! Looking forward to Thanksgiving, which is about the only time we have it. RIP, Ms. Reilly!