RIP: EliteXC


I guess having the star (promoted) player getting his clock cleaned in 14 seconds didn’t exactly work wonders.

Yeah, they sucked. I think you meant to stick this in The Game Room though.

Mixed feelings. One one hand I hate to see any league go under, but on the other, their fights were mostly awful and their promotion and presentation was beyond cheesy.

Moved to the Game Room, although it took more than 14 seconds.

Good riddance. They had no integrity, fixed fights, didn’t care about the sport, production values sucked, etc. I hope Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz go back to the UFC.

And nothing of value was lost.

Good riddance indeed.
Gary Shaw is a piece of shit.
EliteXC killed themselves by promoting a guy that can’t fight and being as crooked as Pride FC.

On another note.
I love watching the Diaz brothers fight.
Nick Diaz would still be in the UFC if he could stop smoking the herb.

I don’t understand why the NSAC, NYSAC and all other athletic commissions consider weed a performance enhancing drug, but ya gotta play by the rules.

Why do you say that? He never tested positive for weed in the UFC. He’s not with them because he got a better offer. He was offered another contract with the UFC after his fight with Josh Neer and he said no.

It wasn’t because there was weed in his system. It was because there was so much weed in his system that they concluded he was high in the ring and it helped him weather Gomi’s strikes and get the win.