RIP Frank Jacobs

Frank Jacobs, longtime writer for Mad magazine, has passed away at 92. He was the one who wrote most of the song and poem parodies.

Drat! He taught me how to do parody songs. (Not personally, but by reading his stuff.)

Another MadMan down.

Sorry to see – I loved his stuff – but they’re all getting on.

Al Jaffee is a century old now. I just read his amazing semi-autobiography (which he illustrated).

To the tune of “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music”


When your life is - full of trouble.
And you hate your wife!
Just flip on the switch of a second-hand 'droid.
And you’ll have a friend… For Life!!!

From “The Force and I”, The Mad Star Wars musical. (Mad, September 1978)

RIP funny man.

Note that Jacobs was an important figure in copyright law. He was sued by ASCAP for his song parodies, but MAD won the case, the judge saying that you can’t copyright a rhyme pattern.

It allows anyone to write parody lyrics without paying royalties (as long as they’re not being sung).

He was one of the sterling members of the Usual Gang of Idiots.

His version of the remake of “Lost Horizon”(the musical remake) was stupendous.

Quoted from memory.

Almost funnier than the original version. :grin:

He also did some charming non-parody work in a more Ogden-Nash-ian vein:

Bats when flying undismayed are;
Bats are careful; bats use radar;
Bats at nighttime at their best are;
Bats by Batman unimpressed are!