RIP Frank Thorne

Apparently he died on Sunday, an his wife died the same day.

I knew him as the artist for a long run of Red Sonya for Marvel. He wasn’t the one who changed her costime from a long-sleeved mail shirt, shorts, and buccaneer boots (as Barry Smith had reasonably dressed her). I think it was Dick Giordano who put her in the silver dollar bikini and upped her cup size. Thorne took her over and kept that look. She always looked as if she was wearing eye makeup and lipstick in his pages, something I would’ve thought hard to come by for barbarians and mercenaries.

He also drew Moonshine McJuggs (a sexy hillbilly gal) for Playboy, and Lann for Heavy Metal. His stuff was always good, and the women sexy. He was 90.

Well, barbarian mercenaries get eyeshadow and lipstick from the same place as they get invulnerability while wearing minimal armor, of course.

I remember him doing a number of self-cameos in some of his stories. Had a good long run for sure!

Tribute from one of my favorite artists.

I didn’t realize until I read Frank Thorne’s introduction to Elfquest volume 1 (that I got from mordecaiB) that Wendy Pini, (Elfquest co-author and artist) had played Red Sonya opposite Frank Thorne’s wizard at conventions:

After writing and drawing a controversial X rated comic in the 90’s he seemed to disappear. I always thought it was a real shame. RIP Frank.