RIP, George Segal

One George Segal film I found particularly memorable is Born to Win. Segal plays a drug addict in a downward spiral, and he nails the reflexively manipulative behavior that substance abusers often display. The movie is a downer, but he’s terrific in it.

Every time I see that movie have to wonder if there was any cross-inspiration with Dylan’s ‘Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts’ . Probably just my projections, But every time I play that song Goldie is Lily, and George is the Jack of Hearts.

That was an amazing bit of comedy, set up over multiple shows, and Segal was crucial to pulling it off. It says a lot about both of you.

Goldberg’s tonight had a longer tribute – a bunch of clips of Segal, and the final pic was the real Adam with him.