RIP, George Segal

The actor George Segal has died at 87. Didn’t know he was that old. I of course remember him from Virginia Woolf, but also for lots of other things.

He had a long and interesting career. I was just watching Virginia Woolf the other night. I remember him well from The Owl and the Pussycat and The Bridge at Remagen and many other movies of the 60s & 70s. Then of course as Jack Gallo on Just Shoot Me on TV.

I’ve most recently been enjoying him in The Goldbergs reruns. It had often occurred to me how after all the years of great work, he was still killing it in the role as an old but still hip grandpa. I also really noticed how much he aged from the start of the series to its finish(granted, it’s been on for 8 seasons).
RIP, sir. You have been a pleasure.

Wow, I thought he was actually older than that. For some reason I thought he was already in his 70s when “Just Shoot Me” was on. RIP George.

Goldbergs is still on – wonder what they will do. I expect a tribute message and possibly an episode where “pops” dies. According to USA Today he filmed some episodes that remain to be broadcast.


I forgot it’s still on. For whatever reason, I haven’t seen the current ones. Wow, that’s gonna be a saaaaaaad ep, given the main character’s attachment to Pops.

I don’t know how Goldberg himself would feel about that. The show is pretty autobiographical. I love the show but it might be time to call it quits. Are we going to follow Adam through college?

I didn’t realize he was on The Goldbergs until my wife told me. I remember him more from light comedies (Fun with Dick and Jane, Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe, The Black Bird), although I saw Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, too.

He also appeared in a film version of a Michael Crichton novel – The Terminal Man, arguably the most mature Crichton adaptation. And he was the voice of Dr. Benton Quest in the revived Johnny Quest in the late 90s

I’ve seen almost every movie he was in. Not by intention, he was just in a lot of popular films well exposed on TV over the years. He was almost always playing the same basic character, though he showed how it could be used from comedies to the very serious prisoner of war story in King Rat. Just Shoot Me was a wonderful sitcom as well where he began playing an older version of his character. Lots of good memories from a wonderful entertainer. RIP George.

I first saw him in King Rat back in '65, where I learned that the smiling, handsome and happy-go-lucky guy can also be the bad guy. I loved his comedies, such as The Hot Rock, Fun With Dick And Jane, Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe and so many more. He was also the voice of Dr. Benton Quest in The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest. I think my favorite role of his was as Safety inspector Harry Calder in Rollercoaster.

“Hello [tap, tap]. Is this mike on?”

Sad news. The movie I most know him from is “Where’s Poppa ?”. I had seen this a number of times at the arthouse theaters, and then years later I finally saw the uncut ending. I could see why they cut it !

I also liked him in “Fun With Dick and Jane” and “The Black Bird

Odd, yesterday morning’s earworm was a forgettable little ditty from The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox where Segal played opposite Goldie Hawn. I was wondering what George was up to and now I know–thanks, dude, you were an enjoyable person to waste a bit of time with!

I don’t care what anybody says, The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox was a funny, funny movie.

Quite the eye-opener role, nice departure from his usual thing.

Vraiment? While Andromeda Strain dealt with a near-apocolyptic scenario, I didn’t feel it was presented too implausibly or anyhting.

from wiki:

My memory’s going. Other than the trippy Sensurround, the only thing I recall is a line from the wife chiding George for his “male menopause”.

“Loving” was a bit off-beat - again - heh, if I could remember much of it.

R.I.P. George. :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t know why, but the first thing that came to my mind when I heard this news was the episode of Just Shoot Me where David Cross plays Donnie, who’s been faking being “slow” since a childhood accident so that people will wait on him hand and foot. He’s ultimately exposed by his building frustration in dealing with George’s genuinely dim-witted character.

Probably says more about me than Segal. RIP.

That’s something in particular I liked about The Goldbergs. And yes, saying goodbye to the grandfather will be a sad episode.

I’m thinking tonight’s new episode will have a card or something in his memory. If it’s picked up for another season, I hope he doesn’t die on the show. I know the character passed in real life but I don’t want to see it if it can be avoided.

Not too long ago I rewatched Look Who’s Talking, where he is the one who knocks up Kirstie Alley. My kid, who only knows him from The Goldbergs, was scandalized.

Vraiment. I was dissaisfied with Andromeda Strain, starting with Crichton’s attempt to wow us with an explanation of binary. There’s always been something not quite satisfying or convincing about Crichton, but I thought he was at his most mature in Terminal Man.

Goldbergs did have an “In Memorium” card at the end of the show.