RIP Norman LLoyd

One of the longest working actors around. He did make it to 106.

He had quite the career. Worked with Orson Wells and Charlie Chaplin and other greats.

And he attended World Series games from 1928 to 2017. How many people alive today saw Babe Ruth play in the World Series?

I recognized him from Trainwreck – he was one of the guys arguing with Amy’s dad (he even mentions Babe Ruth). He was 101 in that movie!

He’ll always be Dr Auschlander from St. Elsewhere, to me.


few years back SNL did a parody of Dead Poets Societ end

I also learned that his daughter Josie passed last year at age 81, around the time her brief acting career was being remembered with Youtube clips of her appearance as Lydia Crosswaithe on the Andy Griffith Show.

Did I miss the Norman Lloyd connection?

only if you were a peeping Tom in 1939, when he connected with his wife and conceived her

Sorry, is that reply to me? I must be a dense today because I’m not getting it.

she was his daughter, an obscure celebrity noted on this site devoted to uncommon knowledge. The impression you are giving is that I’ve diluted the purity of the topic. Was that your intention?

I wasn’t replying to you.

I was replying to bijou who posted the Dead Poets Society spoof.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Norman Lloyd, who worked so long and with such distinction. 106, though!

Every year, or were those just the first and last?

I don’t believe he attended them all. And I mistyped, he went to game 1 of the 1926 WS. That means he attended WS 91 years apart.

Thanks. That’s amazing. I went to my first Mets game when I was 12, so to pull off a similar feat, I’d have to see another Mets game in 2067. :astonished:

He and his wife, Peggy Lloyd, were married for 75 years, until her death in 2011.

It’s not enough to go games 91 years apart. They have to be World Series games. :slight_smile:

Entirely by coincidence, my wife and I decided to watch Dead Poets Society tonight, and I was delighted to see that it starred Norman Lloyd.