RIP Nurse Ratched. Louise Fletcher dead at 88

She was perfect as Ratched. But I personally never type cast her as that. I have vague memories of her playing varieties of characters with aplomb. And if that face smiles, you smile.

Well, shit. She was an excellent actress.

Can we watch the ball game now? :face_with_head_bandage:

RIP, Louise.

I had no idea she was that old! I would have guessed that Nurse Ratched was a 30-something.

As I mentioned in the death poll thread, she was also Kai Winn on Deep Space Nine. She was in 14 episodes which is less than I would have guessed – she certainly made an impression.


She showed no signs of “bad guy” nurse when she won her oscar. RIP.

I can’t think of anything else I’ve seen her in besides Cuckoo’s Nest and DS9. And her DS9 character was essentially “Nurse Ratched in Space”. (And yeah, 14 episodes seems way too low. I would have guessed about twice that.)

I’d only seen her in Cuckoo’s Nest…great performance. So great I’d never considered how attractive she could be when seen smiling.

She was brilliant as the most-hated villain, even worse than Gul Dukat, even worse than the Changeling Female, on Deep Space Nine.

Because you wanted to punch Vedek then Kai Winn every episode she was in, it might have felt she was in more.
Sisko certainly looked like he was having to restrain himself every time he dealt with her.

DS9 had the best actors of all Trek,

Apparently she was also in “Picket Fences”, which I watched but don’t remember her being in. (She played the mother of Marlee Matlin, who played the mayor, and I honestly don’t remember that either.) And also “Joan of Arcadia” which I didn’t watch but my wife did - don’t remember her in that either. :man_facepalming:t2:

She suffered from one of Hollywood’s oldest legends, the curse of winning an Oscar for an outstanding performance and never getting another role that could top it. It’s happened to actors and actresses time and again. It must be tough to see that gold statuette on the mantle and knowing that it represents the pinnacle of your career.

The reason she begins signing when she thanks her parents is that she’s a CODA-- a child of Deaf adults.

She was brilliantly evil in DS9. Kai Winn and Gul Dukat hooking up?

Fletcher was brillant playing highly manipulative and Narcissistic characters.


She continued woriking until 2017. She was on 4 episodes of Shameless.

I pictured her as Dolores Umbridge when I read the Harry Potter books. She would have been fantastic as that character.

She was very convincing in this scene from Invaders from Mars (1983):

Not many - possibly not any - Oscar-winning actresses have been eaten by a Martian.

Her death from a heart attack in Brainstorm was really scary to me, since it was brought on by getting accidentally burned by a hot soldering iron and I occasionally do electronics projects. Just thinking about her facial expressions in that scene gives me the willies. It was pretty intense.

Oh, good lawd! What an unlikeable character, but you’re right! Definitely made a memorable impression. ( And I would have thought more than 14, too.)