RIP Phoebe Snow :(

Phoebe Snow passed away. She had a great voice and was by all accounts just a terrific human being.

Poetry Man performance from 1989.


I knew she had health problems throughout her life, but didn’t know she’d passed.

What a wonderful talent.

What! First Poly Styrene and now this. Sad day.

It was my sister, who introduced me to jazz, who first put some Phoebe Snow on the turntable and said ‘You might like this’. She was absolutely right - what a beautiful performer!

I remember her and Linda Rondstadt performing a duet (on SNL IIRC)…amazing…sorry to hear of her passing…
Aha! I think it found it!

I thought it would be this one, with Robert Fripp providing Frippertronics accompaniment (in the shadows, of course).

I was sorry to hear this. I’ve long enjoyed her unique voice. Besides liking her solo work, the NY Rock & Soul Revue album is one of my go to cheer up CDs.

Roger Ebert tweeted that her death was the result of medical error, but none of the stories I’ve looked at support that.

Godspeed to her.

I always liked this SNL duet with Linda Rondstadt (The Married Men).

I heard this earlier and it really saddens me. She had a one of a kind, beautiful voice. RIP, Phoebe.

I’ve had Poetry Man in my mind since hearing this, all day today now, and it just never gets tiresome. Such a beautiful, rich voice.

She was in a coma since January of 2010? Geez, that’s a really sad thing to happen to someone so giving.

My first thought was, "Didn’t the Erie Lackawanna Railroad retire Pheobe Snow a long time ago? But then you all had me confused. [yoda]No, there is another.[/yoda]

My mother had this album and I listened to it constantly growing up. This was my favourite song of hers. R.I.P. Phoebe Snow. :frowning:

“Giving” doesn’t even come close.

In fact, that’s where she got her stage name.

I knew of her from this song.
Whatta Voice!

Cecil’s column seems somewhat appropriate right now.

Phoebe and Linda’s recording session had an interesting postscript.

After they finished recording “Married Men”, they heard that Billy Joel was in the studio next door working on his new “The Stranger” album. They visited him, and found him arguing with his band about “Just the Way You Are.”

Billy’s band HATED that song, especially drummer Liberty DeVito. They thought of themselves as a rock band, and thought “Just the Way You Are” was embarrassingly lame. Phoebe listened to it and told him, “Women are going to LOVE this song. This is going to be a HUGE hit. If you don’t put this song on the album, you’re just STUPID!”

So, whether you love that song or are sick to death of it, you have Phoebe Snow to thank.

I attended the Revue in St. Louis, and at the time the only thing I knew about Phoebe Snow’s singing was Poetry Man. Wowser. The closest comparison I can come up with would be Mary Clayton’s vocal turn on Gimme Shelter.

Not what I was expecting, and it turned me into a fan.

And as janis mentioned above, she did a fine duet with Paul Simon on Gone at Last.

I really like her. I think her version of Madame George is actually better than Van Morrison’s original.

What an amazing talent, that could have given us so much more under better circumstances. And I had no idea her daughter had passed a few years ago. RIP.

I saw that long before we had a VCR, and never forgot it, or her. It was “Married Men” that really caught my ear.

I am so sorry that voice is silenced.