RIP Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson passed away in January – I just found out about it (see second page of [thread), and I don’t recall any RIP thread from January. Better late than never.

I’m really bummed. We’ve lost a great imagination and a great sense of humor. Wilson’s books – and not just the [url=]Illuminatus!](]this[/url) trilogy – got me through a lot of rough times.

Any other RAW fans here?

I actually did do an RIP thread (link here) at the time. I’m a fan, and rediscovering RAW’s writing after he died has made a big difference in my life. I rediscovered Discordianism in a way I didn’t think I could.

I met him in 1989 in San Francisco, and left the encounter wondering how a guy who knew the stuff that he did couldn’t be a completely cynical bastard. Instead he was warm and funny and kind. I think he believed that, eventually, the human race would work out their various dysfunctions instead of succumbing to them and de-evolving.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, here’s RAW’s take on The Lemon Order.

(Based, of course, on another Order named after a citrus fruit.)

:frowning: I didn’t know he died. I knew he was gravely ill but his death went unnoticed by me.
I really enjoyed and admired his books and articles and there was a time when I visited his website every day.
He was a brilliant mind with a witty and wicked sense of humor.

I guess this time the reports of his death are true. :frowning:

What!? I didn’t know!

Of course, in time we will learn that RAW was actually quints, & at least one of them is still alive through arcane means…