RIP Routing problem...need some help/advice

I have a routing problem that I haven’t come up against in a while (if ever). Basically I have a client that requires several routed networks to have a default route through one interface, and several others to default through a different interface. Normally I’d simply supernet and do route distribution, but this is a RIP v1 network (classful) and I don’t think I can do it with that (I have to admit its been a while since I did RIP v1 so I may be in error here). In addition such a solution would require me to do a whole new addressing scheme, as their current scheme doesn’t lend itself to supernetting (to put it mildly :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I can, of course, simply put in a bunch of static routes, one for each VLAN, directing its gateway of last resort through the appropriate interface, but is there a simpler way that I’m overlooking here? This isn’t a routing problem I’ve come across in over a decade and I can’t think how to solve it elegantly…and of course I’m morally opposed to a bunch of static routes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.