RIP Scalia

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.
I’m putting this in the Pit because I thought ill of him, and am not pleased with my opportunistic reaction. Plus, I believe political shots are not welcome in MPSIMS.
Does Obama have any chance of getting someone confirmed? Will this change the course of the 2016 election? Could this herald a return to a less politically motivated court? Is there anything nice I could possibly say about Scalia?

He’s dead.

There are plenty of people with whom I disagree politically, but I cannot imagine rejoicing at any death or offering up political jabs in the wake of a death.

In spite of the fact that this thread appears in the Pit, I hope that most of its contributors feel similarly.

My prayers are with Maureen and his family.

While of course I have sympathy for his family, his friends, those who loved him and cared for him, I can’t even begin to express my pleasure that he is no longer on the Supreme Court.

It is an odd situation when somebody who I disagree with politically and that I think has been mistaken and misguided in everything he’s done holds a job that the only way he will leave it is feet first. I think I’m distinguishing between my natural sorrow at the death of another human being, and, frankly, my glee that he is no longer a Supreme Court justice. I hope I am, anyway.

I don’t celebrate his death as much as a celebration that his death may greatly help the United States. I’d be just as happy had he stepped down, but if it took death for him to no longer be a justice, then I feel no guilt in celebrating.

Fuck that bigoted piece of shit. This is a good thing for all of us.

In my book I do not talk ill of people that passed away, with one exception: If by their efforts they killed people or are risking the lives of millions.

Other news reports points that all democratically elected judges in the supreme court opposed the stay, meaning that Scalia was part of the “does not give a damn for future generations” judges.

The report BTW does point (before Scalia croaked) to what was at stake:

So, thanks for reminding us so dramatically Mr Scalia, and I do hope that you don’t rest in peace.

Longest it has ever taken to get a Supreme Court justice appointed is 125 days. Any chance the GOP tries to run out the 300+ day clock?

Of course they will. They can’t even tie their own shoes, much less legislate or do any of the other duties they were elected to do.

Oh I’m sure they’ll try and run out the clock. Why wouldn’t they? It’s a tactic that’s served them well.

Sanders and Clinton should both release a statement that they will appoint Obama if the GOP tries to run out the clock.

Ted Cruz:

“Justice Scalia was an American hero. We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names his replacement.”

It begins.

It doesn’t really serve them well but it is the only play they have in their playbook lately. Getting things passed is something they’ve forgotten how to do.

Well. he did seem to be the only target who laughed at himself during Stephan Colbert’s jibes during the famous 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner.

Besides that, I’d have to look deeper than I’m willing to spend time on.

Is there a precedent for a supreme court nomination this “late” in a second term president’s tenure that the GOP would have to ignore in order to try to justify delaying to the next president?

He actually seemed perfectly nice off the bench and when not writing or talking about law.

Aye; as long as he sat quietly, he seemed like a nice guy.

Except for his tissue paper-thin skin, and argumentative nature, sure.

Ddamn; Ted Cruz is a piece of shit.

Can’t imagine they’ll let anyone know where his final resting place will be; with all of the dancing and urinating, I’ll doubt they’ll ever be able to grow any grass on the site.