RIP Socks

Socks has died. He was the Clintons’ cat in the White House. He had mouth cancer, and would have turned 20 this spring. He was a lucky kitty who had a long, interesting life. Somewhere, I have a “Socks Fan Club” button with a paw print on it.


Damn! I had assumed Socks died long ago. RIP. :frowning:

I will always wonder ,
Did Mr Clinton wipe it on socks ,the curtain or Monica’s dress?
Enquiring minds and all that

Bummer. I hate that.

Bill’s lucky that cat can’t talk… The stories he could probably tell!

Bye, Socks.

the last time i checked on him they were saying his health had seriously declined.

socks sent my 2 cats a signed photo during his white house years. my 2 were younger than him and are no doubt showing him all the nifty heavenly cat places.

that’s 2 presidential cats in a few months as india the cat of the w. bush white house has passed recently.

I’ve combined the two Socks threads so that they’re now a pair…


Mouth cancer? Socks was smoking Bill’s supply of cigars?

Couldn’t be. Wrong end.

Or maybe he was smoking Bill’s cigar? :eek:

I’m sure he’s just satisfied he outlived that interloper Buddy.

Oh, and the photo in the CNN article supplied one of my favorite LOLcats-style photos ever, circa 2004. (“im in ur house takin ur seatz”).

I remember his appearance in this one editorial cartoon. He wasn’t the focus of it, but I found his appearance absolutely hilarious. The premise was “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” and Chelsea was on the Oval Office phone saying, “That’s right: start bombing the Serbs in ten minutes,” while Socks was draped over the corner of the desk. I just wish I could link to it, because the cartoonist perfectly captured the “liquid cat” effect.

I had a t-shirt with Socks jumping on a small lizard. The White House was in the background to let you know for sure it was Socks. The shirt read “No Newt is good newt.”

My regard for the Clintons deteriorated upon reading that they didn’t keep Socks after leaving the White House.

It was Chelseas cat though.

Love the photo in the CNN story. Socks was a handsome cuss!

Alas, poor Socks. You will be missed.

Well, at least he was with someone who was probably home every day, unlike the Clinton’s who are traveling so much I’m sure they have NO pets right now. Where better to place him than with someone he’d spent a ton of time with for years?

They took Buddy, though. (Although dogs do travel better than cats, still.)
RIP, Socks. Hell, even the Freepers were saying how sad it was! I shit you not.

(And someone mentioned that the Bushs’ cat, India, died recently. Is that true? If so, that sucks too)
Yep, I was right. She was about 19 too.. :frowning: Maybe they’re up there trading tales.