RIP Sterch's

The end of an era is upon us.

Sterch’s is no more. For many years, the only “real” bar on Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park, Sterch’s has now ceased to be. Like the famed Norwegian Blue, it has joined the choir invisible and is now pushing up daisies and pinin’ for the fjords. A sad “For Rent” sign hangs forlornly in the once greasy but inviting plate glass windows. The venerable “No Corona, No Foolish Drinks, Limited Dancing” sign has vanished.

For some reason, Sterch’s seemed to attempt to embrace yuppihood about a year or so ago; they tried to spruce up the place, perhaps to attract some of the beautiful people that wander Lincoln Avenue in Dockers and Izods and Topsiders. But alas, like the leopard trying to change its spots, this attempt was doomed to failure. Was this the reason for its downfall? Or was it the last, best chance, albeit insufficient, to let the grand old dive survive? Perhaps we’ll never know.

In any case, Sterch’s is gone. Think of them in silent honor next time you chomp on a carrot…TRM

PS - please take a moment to share your favorite Sterch’s memories!