RIP Tab Hunter

86 years old. Not only did he have a fantastic name, Mr. Hunter and I shared a role, sort of: I played Old Joe in a production of Damn Yankees!, the only musical I actually like, way back in the mid-'80s.

RIP Mr. Hunter; you done good.

Troy Donahue, who was supposedly perfectly straight, was always annoyed at getting mistaken/mixed up with Tab Hunter…Well, I hope Mr. Hunter had some years of happiness later in life. (I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for blue eyed blond men. :wink: )

Damn, didn’t know he was still alive. Hope his passing was calm and painless, will have to dig into my dvds and watch something of his in his memory.

I always confuse the two with Dash Riprock. :confused:

One of my favorite roles of his was in Battle Cry. IMHO an underated movie. Also one of the minority of movies that actually follow the book pretty closely.