RIP The Cat With The Loud Purr

Two days ago; on my lap; 17 years old; after a long slow illness during most of which, with treatment, she didn’t know she was ill, and a rapid decline in her last couple of weeks. She went gently enough to go at home.

She survived her brother, The Sleek and Shiny Cat, by slightly over a year.

She was very shy of strangers, but not shy at all of me. The spot right next to my pillow is very empty, even though I woke up this morning to find her friend in it. He used to be the Young Cat, but I’ll need to find another nickname; at eight years old he’s now this household’s Senior Cat, though entirely lacking in Senior Cat behavior.

He, and the other two remaining Cats of This Household, aren’t lacking in purr, though; even though neither of them – or any other cat I ever met – purrs like she used to. But their purrs help.

I’m sorry for the loss of your furry friend. :frowning:

So sorry. Sounds like your newly Senior Cat is up to the job. Please come back and share the memories.

Damn. It’s tough to lose a beloved furry family member like that. It sounds like she drifted out peacefully and without fear, and that’s a blessing. I’m sorry you lost her, though.

My sympathies, Thorny.

My condolences on the loss of your friend. I had my best friend die in my lap at 17, similar to the way you did. I was only a one-cat household, though, as she wasn’t interested in being friends with other cats.

Your new Senior staff member will grow into the role. Once he figures out that he’s the boss.

I am so sorry, thorny; I had to put my 16 year old kitty to sleep on Tuesday. They just worm their way into our hearts.

:cry: :cat:

Thorny, when I saw the title, I was fairly certain it was written by you. How I have enjoyed your cat stories over the years.

I am sorry that this story has a sad ending, that The Cat With The Loud Purr has joined her brother. And cats are certainly not interchangeable.

And thanks for that description of Young Cat. I am certain he is not the only older male [cat] that is lacking in Senior Cat behavior, unless it’s a touch of senioritis, as we used to call it in high school.

I hope the purring of the Cats of Thorny’s Household continue to help you.

I’m reminded of a science-fiction story where the protagonists came upon a group of about a dozen people who’d been isolated on a hollowed-out asteroid for a generation, for some reason. One of the group was about fifty yeas old and known as The Kid.

Sorry for the loss of your four-foot.

So sorry for your loss, thorny. I know how difficult this can be. We’re down to one cat now, who’ll be turning 14 at the end of next week. I dread the day when she goes.

Thank you, everybody.

@Die_Capacitrix, all stories have this ending, even if it’s not included in a particular telling. I knew what I was in for when I brought home kittens; I’d done it before. And I knew, and know, that it’s worth it. But this part of it is hard –

@kitap, so very sorry for your loss!

Thanks. She went from her normal pushy self to my coming home from work and finding her lying in her own urine because she couldn’t make it to the litter box in less than a week. I took her in and had her put to sleep.

I’m glad you guys could be together, so sorry for your pain.

Holding you both in the light.

I’m so sorry. It’s so hard to lose them, they are such a big part of our lives and our hearts. :broken_heart:

I am sorry for your loss.

Thanks again, everybody.

A friend of mine just sent a page full of pictures of The Cat With the Loud Purr and The Sleek and Shiny Cat; including several videos with the Purr recorded on them. A very nice tribute. I have pictures, of course; but I didn’t have these particular ones (and he’s a better photographer than I am :slightly_smiling_face: )