RIP Tommy Cat

I think I’ve posted before about Tommy Cat, the kitty that lived under our deck out back. We’ve been feeding him for almost 3 years now. About eight months ago, we started noticing a lump on his back, that kept getting larger and larger. We finally took him to the vet about seven months ago, and found out that it was a cyst. When the vet drained the fluid, there was a hard ridge inside. They decided to remove it and send it to the path lab to find out if it was a long-range concern or not. Turned out it was a sarcoma. The vet said that he thought he got it all and told us to keep an eye on it, but the long-range was at worst 50/50.

Tommy was kind of weak and emaciated no matter how much he ate ever since. Finally, when it started to get cold, we brought him inside again. This was about three weeks ago. Things were fine for a while, but around Thanksgiving I noticed that there was another lump on his shoulder. We made an appointment (for tonight, about an hour ago). In the intervening week, the lump got larger, he got more lethargic, his abdomen became distended and his breathing started to be labored. We brought him in tonight, and the vet determined that it was definitely the return of the sarcoma and probably late stage, at that. The distended abdomen was severe edema. We decided it was time to let him go.

Tommy was so weak that it only took 1/3 of the recommended dosage of the barbiturate to stop his breathing. supervenusfreak and I held and petted him until it was over. We decided not to bring either his body or his ashes home, as we have no place to bury him and no place to put his ashes that wouldn’t be in danger from the other three cats.

Goodbye, Tommy. You weren’t the most civilized of our furkids, but you were the best-behaved and the most affectionate. I’ll miss you.


{{{**jayjay ** and supervenusfreak}}}

Thanks for giving him a better life than he would have had. I’m sure he felt your love, and what you did was the last, best act you could do.

I feed a battered old tomcat that comes to my door, and I worry about him sometimes. But with three cats inside already I can’t afford to take on another set of vet bills. Sigh

I’m sorry to hear it. We’ll have a drink for him next weekend.

You and supervenusfreak are good folk for doing what you could for a wayward kitty. Without your kindness of feeding him, he would lived a much shorter and harsher life. Then add to it that you loved him and gave him affection…well, he had a kitty heaven-on-earth for three years.

I’m very sorry for your loss but very glad for Tommy Cat that he was lucky enough to find you.

Hugs to both of you, jayjay and supervenusfreak.

I’m so sorry to hear about Tommy. But as everyone else said, you gave him food, shelter and love during his short life, and it would’ve been a much harder life without you.

Aw. Poor kitty. We lost two in six months a few years ago. It always, always, always sucks.

My condolences for your loss. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

Thank you all. We’re dealing with it here. I had a little cry standing outside the vet’s office last night, and we’ve talked it through. We both appreciate the kind thoughts.

You were so good to Tommy Cat.
I know he appreciated it. My heart goes out to you at this sad time.

Thank you both for being the kind of people the stray deck-kitties of this world need. I’m sure you brought a lot of joy and comfort to Tommy Cat.

I’m sorry for your loss.

I’m so very, very sorry for your loss.

Thank you for not letting him suffer a slow painful death. I am sorry for your loss, and will give my fuzzbutts extra scritches tonight in honor of TommyCat.

There’s a stray cat that lives in the area around my apartment building. I fed him once and so now I’m his human. He comes around scratching at my patio door for food most nights. I recently taped a box shut, cut a hole in the side, and put some old tshirts & towels in it, and put it out for him. Now it looks like that’s where he sleeps. I’d go give him a hug but he generally runs when I get near him.

You did right. First to last, you did right. Our new feline overlords can’t ask for more than that.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words. They are greatly appreciated. Hugs and scritches to all.

Awwww :frowning: I am so sorry for your loss.

You gave him food, shelter, love and peace when he needed it the most. Bless you both for caring enough to make a difference for an old Tom cat.

So sorry to hear this. I’m glad he had you around for the end.