Ripening bananas

Just bottled some wine, so my cellar now contains a little over 100 bottles. I made a gallon of banana wine just out of curiosity, and it floored me. So I went out and got 25 pounds of fruit for a full 6 gallon batch.

So, I have 25 pounds of yellow/green bananas on my dining room table. Anything I can do to help in the ripening process? Also, what would you say to the girl bagging groceries who was perplexed by my purchase? :wink:

a) Place them in brown paper bags. That will trap the gasses they emit and hasten the ripening process.

b) Damn lousy apes!


hehe. My gf suggested returning to the store and purchasing 30 boxes of cereal. The paper bag idea is good.

Any idea on time from yellow/green to speckled with black?

Depends on a lot of factors. I’d check them every couple of hours after the first day. They can ripen fast if conditions are right. I had some go from “slightly under-ripe” to “mushy” in less than a day once.

vetbridge I just have to ask…
how do you make banana wine?

Easy, ya don’t pay her the respect she is due.

This recipe calls for 20 to 25 pounds bananas, sliced (skin and all) into 1/2 inch pieces. You put the chopped fruit into a muslin bag (or pantie hose) and simmer in 6 gallons water and 10 pounds of sugar (amounts from memory). You simmer for a while, add some citric acid, pectic enzyme, tannin, and other things. Put into a big bucket and pitch yeast.

After SG has dropped, transfer to carboy and ferment away. Rack monthly. Bulk age 6 months, then clear and bottle for six months bottle aging.