Rise of the Machines: Robot Plays Bagpipes

It’s called “McBlare.”

Not surprisingly, the Scots do not appear to be amused.

Who was the Scot who described bagpipes as “an instrument of torture”? Methinks if that’s the case, then this is definately another part of Skynet’s evil plan.

Isn’t an electronic bagpipe called an organ?

I read that and all I think about is the poor researchers who have the lab next to his. You’re struggling with a breakthrough device that will help all mankind and you have to listen to Scotland the Brave for the frickenteenth time, all the while the world waits, thanks to McBlare.

Mmmmmm robohaggis.

A robot bagpipe player? Doesn’t that contravene the Geneva Conventions or something?

The only thing worse could be a robotic Richard Simmons playing a bagpipe.