Rise of the Machines: Robots That Can Feel

Why they’re not thinking of sexbots is beyond me.

“Why?? Why was I programmed to feel pain?!”

Well, the suicide booths have to get their customers from somewhere.

Boy are you behind the times…

Does the spine glow?

I don’t see how this is applicable to sexbots. It’s allowing the robot to feel, not you to feel the robot.

And why do the robots smell terrible?



“I think you should know I’m feeling very depressed.”
I honestly thought this would be about machines having emotions. That’s what I equate with the word “feel.”

Yeah, but it allows the robot to be able to tell exactly how much pressure they’re applying to something. It’d be kind of painful, if a sexbot couldn’t tell exactly how much pressure they were applying to your naughty bits.

Subtitled: Why they’re not thinking of Torture Droids is beyond geeks.