Ritalin and Codeine

I need to know if Ritalin and Codeine (which turns to morphine in your brain) and also Hydrocodone are water soluble. If they are I assume they will flush out of your body in a matter of days otherwise I would like to know how long they take to get out of your body. The reason for this is in a few weeks I have a inital appointment with new doctor and since I am not sure if there will be a drug test or not I want to be on the safe side. Even if there is a drug test which I doubt I don’t think that they will test for ritalin or codeine or hydrocodone. But on the other hand ritalin could show up as an amphetamine and codeine could show up as an opiate but I’m not really sure about hydrocodone (judging by the name it is water soluble and nothing to worry about) So does anyone have any thoughts or know anything about the subject. Thanks Joey

Well, I really don’t think water solubility guaruntees a quick removal of a drug from your system, but you should be happy to know that both of these drugs should not be detectable after a week.

Incidentally, codeine does not turn to morphine in your brain. Morphine and codeine are two separate, albiet very similar drugs that occur naturally in opium.

BTW, hydrocodone (usually prescribed as Vicodin, which is hydrocodone + acetaminophen) should also be undetectable after a week.