Rittenhouse and the guy who shot my Red Fox

Making sure that where ever he set up he’d be able to manipulate the rifle to aim? Just spitballing.

And going to his blind to lay down some corn.

Practice makes sense, but you don’t need the rifle.

I’m in Virginia, an open carry state. I’ve seen it many times back when I was in retail, even though the store had some sort of sign posted and was private property.

A few years ago, I found myself on an Open Carry message board for Wisconsin. There was an entire group of people that would look for places that didn’t allow firearms and act like a bunch of toddlers. It’s one thing when they would write letters and facebook posts to the store telling them that they’ll no longer be shopping there since they don’t feel safe. But they’d also go to these stores and if the “no weapons allowed” signs weren’t 100% up to the specs required by the state, they’d ignore them. That is, they’d measure the signs, if it was a half inch too small or the font was wrong, they’d walk in with their gun. If the state says the signs have to be posted on all entrances and they missed one, even a back door, they’d walk in their their gun. And they’d make a show about it, often recorded with a body cam.

Reminds me of a guy that used to shop at our store. He’d open carry and his t-shirt had a URL on it for a 2A website. And, now that I think about it, that’s probably how I found myself on that message board.

I was talking to someone about this who reiterated my feelings. That is, I don’t care if you want to open carry, but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. If you’re going out of your way to call attention to it, you’re not doing it because you don’t feel safe, you’re doing it make a scene.

One terrible habit a lot of hunters I know get into its using their rifle as a spotting scope. I guess leaving the ammo at home makes this practice safer but I still don’t like looking down the rifle scope looking for things to shoot eventually.

My theory…

He had planned to hunt that day. He got his gun, got his clothes, and was all ready to do it.

He gets to a good spot and goes to load his gun, and dang it… Forgot his ammo.

Checked his pockets. No license and no wallet either. How could this day get any worse?

Oh no, here is a police officer! Took his gun and had to go down to the station.

Worst day EVER. :cry:

It could be raining.

It could have all happened before the police chief was arrested for selling guns the department had confiscated! (He would have likely never gotten his gun back)

It wasn’t hunting season, so unless he was planning on poaching I don’t think so.

You’ve never heard of a gun buyback program ? :wink:

I’m going to be quite honest here, the tone of the OP’s post leads me to believe there is a significant percentage chance that when he called in, he gave the impression he was a mentally unwell person and was speaking incoherently. Subsequent things he has said in this thread make me think if he hasn’t recently been seen by a physician, he should schedule an appointment and ask for a basic cognitive exam.

Dispatcher’s mental note: we’ve got ourselves a SovCit

Slight change of pace here. I’ve read a number of your posts and I believe that I have the right to disagree with you. IMHO… if some stranger stood in your driveway holding a rifle… I not only think that you would feel threatened. I think that you’d shoot them dead.

Now, other posters may feel that I am wrong in that A to B to C assumption… but I think that others might think that I am right. Of Course, I would automatically be proven wrong if you stated for the record that you run a completely and totally gun free household…

“Second degree murder? All my murders are premeditated.”

Not so, my self defense is pre-meditated

Unless that person made an overt threatening act, you’d be in the wrong legally. If your state allows open carry, that can’t be an overt threatening act. Even if your state doesn’t allow open carry, you’d have a hard time convincing a jury that the presence of a gun in and of itself is an actionable threat.

You may feel otherwise, that’s why we have juries. But the law is pretty clear on when you can respond with deadly force, and this ain’t it.

Sir… you write like a well-trained attorney.
I hope that the very next time that I find myself in trouble that I can hire you.

Also FWIW… I hope that neither of us ever find some stranger with a rifle in our driveways.
(Happy Thanksgiving)

Used to happen around here with some frequency, and still does sometimes.

Out-of-town deer hunters. The polite ones ask permission, and go away without arguing when it’s refused. The rude ones ignore the signs and don’t bother asking, and/or argue about it.

I haven’t shot any of them. Neither has the group who I give permission to hunt, and also both permission and instructions to chase anybody else off.

Not my driveway, since I don’t live in an area where hunting is allowed. But at friends’ houses up in NH and VT I’ve seen it lots of times. It’s typically hunters asking about permission to hunt on their land, or asking for access to haul out a deer or moose. Or in rural areas some people just routinely carry.

Actually, when I lived in southern NH for a few years we had bird and deer hunters in the fields across the street pretty frequently. At least one stopped by the house because his car died and needed a jump.